Neuro-Functional Approach


  • The main objective is to identify the cause of the complaint and ensure that the brain communicates with the body via the nervous system in order that the body systems function optimally thus maximizing the body’s adaptive potential. 
  • In other words, we make sure everybody is doing their job… individual organs do their thing, nerves are free to conduct electrical impulses, arteries/veins/lymph can transport fluids, glands regulate proper hormone output, joints move in their designed full range, muscles have full strength, bones are where they should be, connective tissue is not stuck and so on.


  • neural (nerve) manipulation and vessel compression release >> i.e carpal tunnel syndrome
  • sports injury and rehab therapy (McMaster University Advanced Neuro-functional Sports Performance Specialist program graduate) >> i.e.. concussion, muscle strain, sprain
  • organ (visceral) manipulation >> i.e.. digestive, women pelvic issues
  • spinal biomechanics realignment >> ie. scoliosis, disc compression
  • psycho-emotional integration >> ie. depression, PSTD
  • connective tissue (fascia) release >> i.e.. ITband syndrome
  • neuro-functional contemporary medical acupuncture (McMaster University Health Science accreditation) >> i.e.. multiple complaints

Tell me more:

At Body Solutions, we take a comprehensive integrative approach, that is complimentary to our medical system, to care for your long term wellbeing. Here in North America, treading the never-ending hamster wheel of life often leads to a host of chronic conditions we simply learn to live with or accept as our “normal”, leaving us with little to no adaptive potential. Even for those who seek medical help, be it traditional medical (allopathic) or natural (holistic) therapy, are mainly receiving treatment approaches that focus on the symptoms that typically result in short term relief. It’s no wonder we don’t get better!

How is the body solutions approach any different?

It’s simple. Since the body is made up of many interrelated components and the body is changing from millisecond to millisecond and trying to adapt with the changes (a very complex process involving a lot of parts where in a split second, peripheral nerves send messages to the brain from approximately a billion stimuli- check out the 7 pillars of health below)… our focus is on discovering and treating the cause of negative changes (origin of the symptoms) and don’t believe that any sole form of treatment can in itself diagnose, treat and resolve a chronic medical or emotional condition. This being the case, we have made it our determination to constantly be at the industry forefront, educating ourselves in a variety of therapies in the ever-evolving science of our bodies, but staying focused on what drives our awesomely designed living machine.



Did you know your organs have ligaments that can get strained and some organs can change the  position of your spine?


How and what you think directly and indirectly affect your physical state.


Our sleep & rest cycle can have a huge impact on our hormones which affect our weight and mood


Without the essential building blocks your body can't repair.


Just like a house, the body goes through wear and tear and needs regular maintenance to function optimally.


Did you know that isolated exercise is passé? Focus on your core with compound movements to create true strength and prevent injury.


Unseen effects from the space around you, like electromagnetic frequency, mould and off gassing, (to name a few) may silently attack and break down our system on a daily basis.

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