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Can your clinic handle sports injuries?

That’s a funny question we often get…PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND: even elite athletes don’t have different body parts than any other human. But they DO PUSH THE LIMITS of what the body is capable of!! For this reason, we were sure to take and are graduates of the McMaster University Health Science program qualifying as Advanced Neurofunctional Sports Performance Specialists. Our clinic focus is to deal with the cause of any injury or pain that we may increase optimal sports performance and maximize the adaptive potential of the body part involved for quicker recovery.

What else?

We start with very detailed assessments to pinpoint the dysfunction, (ie. nerve fixation? joint or spinal biomechanics component? organ fixation?) then we  adapt our treatment methods to include some special treatments depending on the injury. These  include: specific neuro-functional therapy, that may involve electro-acupuncture to reset muscle memory or holding patterns; fascial release techniques, as well as k-taping, and do it at home rehab (remedial) and functional exercise (active stretching and core strengthening) to name a few, are given as part of the treatment.


Sports Therapy. Most of us have heard the term, for serious athletes, it’s a critical part of their regular regime and is just as valuable to the ordinary person.

At Body Solutions Health Clinic, we have honed our neuro-functional approach for those who regularly engage in vigorous sports, as part of their career or recreation time.  Recovery time is not always a luxury that is available; this being the case, much of the time, “band-aid” therapies and meds are engaged as a quick-fix to keep you moving…temporarily.  The challenge with this approach is that the real culprit is not addressed; as a result, these issues re-surface time and again –  often at the most inopportune time, and more severe.  As a motivated athlete with serious goals, keeping your body and mind in excellent condition is key to your safety and success.

As with all of our clients, our key objective is to address the root cause of your pain; decreased core strength, agility or power; limited mobility issues.  In working with such a diverse range of athletes, from soccer and hockey players, to triathletes and young gymnasts, to the weekend golfer, we are attuned to their unique needs and provide tailored treatments and explain/emphasize need to include specific programs, like plyometric training, proprioception retraining, multiple joint actions, progressive overload, increasing VO2 max, essentials for recovery, cautions of overtraining,… enabling them to reach their full adaptive potential.  Whether you are fire fighter where the lives of others literally depend on your performance or a dedicated career athlete, or are active as the “weekend warrior”, we take your health seriously and design individual treatment plans that deliver lasting results.

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